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Polish Chiropractors - Poland Looking for a chiropractor
23 Maj 2011, Poniedziałek

Check the ECU - European Chiropractic Unions web site and click on the country where you plan to visit.

Poland , Polish chiropractors

We dont have many real qualified chiropractors here in Poland like you have in Canada, Denmark, USA, England , Australia, France , Italy, Switzerland or other western european countries, which have completed university or college studies with their degree in chiropractic.

Poland presently does not regulate the profession of chiropractic , and anyone can use the term chiropractic or advertise chiropractic services even if they do not hold a degree from an internationally recognized university or college .

So if you are visiting from the USA , Canada , Australia , New Zealand , or most western european countries, and wish find a chiropractor with the same qualifications as in your home country, go visit the ECU - European Chiropractic Unions web site where you can find contacts for the country you plan to visit.

European Parliament (2008) recognizes the ECU (European Chiropractors Union) for European standards and harmonization of chiropractic in Europe

Members must have completed their university - college program in chiropractic studies and served their internship or practice before being registered as a chiropractor or use the title DC doctor of chiropractic, or Mchiro masters in chiropractic. The title D.C. stands for doctor chiropractic , not dyplom chiropractic in countries where chiropractic is regulated.

This European Norm specifies requirements and recommendations for healthcare services provided by chiropractors --- EN 16224:2012

There are no chiropractic educational programs offered in Poland which meet the European standards (ECCE) European Council on Chiropractic Education or the European Norms EN 16224 Health care provision by chiropractors

Chiropractic is a profession ( not a technique ) and requires a professional education just as medical doctors, dentists or other professions that require completion from an accredited college or university program.

A chiropractor is someone who has completed a full time 5 to 7 year private or public university / college program and obtained their chiropractic diploma as well as completing one year of supervised practice or internship.

In majority of countries where chiropractic is recognized or regulated can a therapist attend a part time course and say they are a chiropractor ? NO

In majority of countries where the practice of medicine is regulated can a therapist or dentist take a part time course and say they are a medical doctor ? NO

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